Did Your Kid Get Abducted by Aliens Too?

Yeah, it happened to me several years ago. My son, Dillon, was abducted by aliens and replaced by some child I didn’t recognize. One of my favorite art pieces from his early childhood, which has been on our refrigerator for decades, is this scenario piece he made in kindergarten “And I had to think of something and I had to do it soon,” where he predicted his future abduction at age eleven. 

Seriously, he didn’t actually get abducted, but it sure seemed like it for several years from preteen through all of his teenage years when I didn’t recognize the sensitive and wildly creative boy he was in kindergarten. Thankfully, “they” eventually brought him back.  

Now that he is 24, he has come back as my sweet, thoughtful son and this early childhood crayon drawing has become even more precious. It reminds me that all of our challenges will pass eventually.

Sometimes we don’t know how a specific piece of childhood art will fall into our lives and give it more weight and more meaning, but when the story develops into a memory it is important to preserve these moments. It becomes a part of our family story!

Maybe it is time to travel down memory lane by sifting through those old artworks and see the predictions of the future that reveal themselves as hindsight. Believe me, you will be glad you did.

When you find it, bring in those prized predictions and we’ll frame them in conservation materials, so they will stay nice for you, but also for your future grandchildren as well.

To help celebrate National Crayon Month

we will be giving an additional 10% off framing of ALL kid’s artwork through the rest of August. So, hurry in and get those treasures preserved.
Note: If the artwork has been worn or aged like mine was from decades of refrigerator display, we can help fix that by digitally restoring it and printing it on enhanced matte paper or canvas.





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