Why is my framed art look haunted?

Why is my framed art haunted?

This is a short video that explains outgassing. Watch the video to find out how it impacts your artwork if you want to be safe! 

The Outgas Ghost in Your Picture Frame


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Protecting Your Artwork

Your artwork is more protected when you choose to use the right materials when framing! Most framed works of art created with specific paints and newspaper articles printed with soy ink are organic matter and it decomposes. Say what? Yes! It decomposes.

All light is your enemy when it comes to decomposition of artwork. However, light is not the only trouble you face when it comes to preventing outgassing. Your selected framing materials make a big difference in how you can prevent premature-aging...of your art! You should use UV Protection Glass to repel those rays of sunshine and light bulbs away from your work.

UV Protection Glass includes:
  • Museum Glass has 99% UV protection, amazing clarity, and is anti-glare.
  • Conservation Clear has 99% UV protection to help protect the artwork.
Using acid-free materials such as archival quality mats, backing, and mounting options will help protect your work from additional outgassing.

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