It's the best kept secret in America... Kansas ART!

Art can seem like a mystery and, if you look at Art News or Art in America, it is easy to get lost in what great art really is. These publications are showing only the tip of the iceberg of what the art world has to offer.

I am bold enough to say that they're produced by unpersevering and inflexible people who only show you what's being produced on the coasts near where they live. As a result, we miss out on a whole lot of awesome stuff created right here!

The most amazing thing is that the art made right here in Topeka is art not only made by artists, but philosophers as well. This world needs more artist philosophers and less "odd stuff" that is published in magazines.

I want to offer-up three local artists. Allow me to give you a peek into their philosophical hearts. I want you to become as big a fan of them as I am. I promise they are so worth listening to.

These videos aren't just about their art, but about their ideas and concepts that make their art what it is and how it fits into our lives.

I also want you to help me out if you will. Click through the links to their art and then share something you discovered with all of your friends.

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It is important to be authentic in your art. NOTO Arts District's Barbara Waterman-Peters explains how to know you are on the right path.

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What is it that distiguishes one artist from another? Stan believes it is all in the Artist's DNA.


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Creating the Artist's Life | ARTitude
Doing something creative everyday is important for everyone, not just people with ambitions to be a professional artist. Local Topeka artist Beverly Dodge Radefeld discusses the impact of creating art in her life and how it is important to a well rounded life.

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