Easy Artist Statement - Start Right Here!

Writing about your artwork is one of the most dreaded parts of being an artist. In reality, how can anyone really understand the mind of an artist, right?  We completely understand and sometimes to get started you just need a delightful little boost. Here is a starting point for your next artist statement.

A. Be unusual. B. Pull them into your vision. You'll want to talk about your inspiration in a way that people can make a connection to your work. Give them a statement not only on why and how you create but also how you want to connect with them as a viewer. It should be personal and unexpected to add a bit of spice to the complex insights of what you are trying to accomplish with your work. 

Since we haven't seen your work, we are compelled to start with a bit of humor to get your creative juices started in our somewhat imperfect and a little art speaky inspiration generator... Think of it as the clay from which you can work.

If you refresh the statement it will be gone forever so make sure you grab it while it's on screen if you find some inspiration in it.

Once you click the button you will get two statements - one long yet concise and one simple and tweetable. Both are descriptive, fun and dare I say eerily knows your work?  Or that could just be me?



Quick and Easy Artist Statement




Tweetable Artist Statement




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